Quality & Patient Safety

Our Quality Vision

To provide the best care to the people of Waitemata 

– to be recognised as an organisation that provides safe, clinically effective care that is focused on the needs of the patient, their whānau and our community, and achieves outcomes that are among the best in the world

Our Quality Aims

Safe Care

  • No avoidable injury or harm to people receiving healthcare
  • Care is provided in an appropriate, clean + safe environment at all times

Effective Care

  • The most appropriate treatments and services provided at the right time to everyone who will benefit
  • Wasteful or harmful variation is eliminated

Person-Centred Care

  • Mutually beneficial partnership between patients, their whānau and those providing  healthcare services
  • Respect for individual needs and values
  • Compassion, continuity, clear communication and shared decision-making

Equity of Health Outcomes

  • Improve equity of health outcomes, quality and value


Effective governance of quality and patient safety will enable us to:

  • Ensure required standards are achieved
  • Ensure delivery of best practice
  • Plan and drive continuous improvement


Quality Governance Elements

Quality & Patient Safety Strategy

Quality & Patient Safety Strategy

How we will meet our promise to our community to provide the best care for everyone, and continuously improve patient outcomes and patient and whānau experience

Building Capability

Building Capability

Development of people with skills, experience and expertise needed to lead and champion healthcare redesign and innovation

Quality Governance Processes & Structures

Quality Governance Processes & Structures

How quality and patient safety performance flows from ward to board

Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture

Creating an organisational culture in which excellence can flourish

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